Chelsea Networks is a company that focuses on delivering technical solutions to solve real world business problems, and we view ourselves more as an outsourced technical services department than as a simple vendor. Working as a full partner with our clients, we deliver scalable, reliable, Internet-based applications that meet the stated business objectives and goals, and even look beyond to the future needs of the organization. The majority of our staff are senior developers and technical services managers who have years of experience solving real business problems in technology related fields.

The technical depth and experience of our staff enables Chelsea Networks to provide true end-to-end solutions to our clients. We are constantly developing new technologies and stretching the boundaries of the Internet to ensure that we always bring the best tools for the job. No matter what the needs of our clients - software development, Web site hosting and maintenance, legacy application integration, or even traditional telephony and voice - we are able to bring qualified staff to bear on the problem and deliver a solution quickly, and most importantly, cost-effectively.